Dean “Smita” Smith


Smita is a long time Knights supporter (Since inception in 1988), he absolutely loves talking all things league and could talk your ear off all day!

He is the Brains Trust behind this Podcast.

Kylie “Crazy Lady” Smith

Kylie is a Penrith Panthers supporter who loves the rivalry between her and her Knights loving family.

Jono Fren 

Our very own TV star – Jono Fren from Travels Guides is also an Avid Knights Supporter who doesn’t mind talking about all things footy. Jono joined our panel in July 2021 and we have decided to keep him!


Garry our Producer is an Eels Supporter but we won’t hold that against him. Garry works tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure we have a quality show for our fans.

Corey Nikalls

Corey is an unfortunate St George Supporter who also loves to talk all things football. Corey became a regular on our panel in 2022 and has loved every moment of the banter.